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hopefully rummikub!
Saturday, January 3 | 10:58 AM

I hardly play boardgames or equivalent ones because I rarely have time for them. On New Year's Day, I was with some buddies and they introduced me to the game of Rummikub.

This game is rather similar to Uno or Dai Di. You clear your numerical tiles either by matching existing configurations of 3 tiles put up by other players or you simply create your own.

While I was observing my expert friends play, the sight of multiple numerical tiles on individual decks and at the play area totally put me off from joining in the game.

"Where is the love (for numbers)?" you may ask.

Well, I was pretty good in Maths up to secondary school days. The boring Maths tutors and lecturers in Junior College totally put me off numbers.

Therefore, my reply to you would be, "Where is the hope for people like me who shun any task numerical???"

Just to illustrate my point further : if you look carefully at the picture above, I had raked up so many unused number tiles that I have to employ a second deck to display them all. Call me a hopeless case with numbers?

Hmmm, given that I had aced Maths in school before, I would think my predicament is truly the result of my loss of interest instilled by ineffective teachers.

Actually I got better at the game and won the final 2 games; not to mention, I got a little addicted to it. So there is hope afterall!

Let me also share a new discovery from the ladies during my game of Rummikub : there is additional hope for those with oily skin!

I present the metrosexual friend of mine who dared take up the remedy offered by the fairer sex.  See him massaging his face with a piece of fruit?

Yes, we are looking at the skin of a watermelon. Apparently, the succulent side of the skin is able to absorb facial oil. The rest of the guys were won over and all of us applied a cool slab each to our faces. It truly works!

There you have it. Hope for the numerically hopeless and a natural remedy for those with oily skin!

Do read my previous post on 31/12/08 which is very apt for this week's theme.

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