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furry friend or fright?
Saturday, January 31 | 8:52 AM

I've gotten my new furry friend last night!    

She's a Jack Russell.  I thought this breed does not shed much hair until I saw this patch on my toilet floor this morning while brushing my teeth.  I guess against any black background, everything else appears stark and larger than life?  

Remember him?  Hiojin used to clamber around my couch after completing his work.  And I have to call him a few times before he comes back to the study table.  

Today, I saw a different side of him.  Upon seeing my furry friend, his face contorted to form the map of the world.  Sheer terror transformed his body language altogether.  Despite assuring him that my dog is very friendly, he shivered like a reed.  After placing my dog in the kitchen behind closed doors, I sat Hyojin down and then he told me his story.
The frightened kid show me the scar he'd sustained from his recent encounter with a furry fright belonging to his cousin.  Then I proceeded to explain to him how he should behave around dogs when he next encounters them.  Since it was an English lesson we were having,  I also had him pen down his unpleasant experience in an essay.  Thereafter, I texted his mom who expressed her interest to read his first draft.    

There she was.  Behind the kitchen door, looking absolutely devastated because she had to be indirectly "punished" for the bad behaviour of another furry friend.  No, I learn from Bear-Bear - there are no bad dogs, just irresponsible owners.  I hope I don't end up as one.

By the way, I'm renaming my Jack Russell.  The kind girls who had found her named her Ponoy after an anime character.  I have a little problem with that.  Owing to the nature of my job, I encouner kids on a daily basis.  The cheeky ones may make fun of her name as it is synonymous with unsavoury materials on the internet and the newstand - do I even have to elaborate on this?   Any suggestions?  My some initial ideas are :

Sprite? - she's a ball of energy around the house.  

January Jr.? - My previous dog is called January because like this Jack Russell, I have adopted them both in the first month of the year.

Suggestions from you all?  Please leave them using the comments link below!

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