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what's wrong with them?!!
Monday, April 6 | 10:15 AM

late weekend roundup...

I took a ride in my friend's BMW convertible last Saturday evening! 

Riding with an open top where you get 360-degrees uninterrupted view is AWESOME!   After a long work-week, the ride is a swell reward!

Thanks guys for swinging by to pick me up for dinner and putting up with the mozzies while waiting for me to change up!

I'll put up my views along the way another time.

So the word is out - Megan is off the Idol trail!  I thought Simon was rather vindictive in his response to her when the latter expressed that she was not bothered with being booted out (yeah right!).  Matt was among the 3 lowest votes count again.  I do admit that Scott did an amazing rendition of Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are and he had a new makeover to go with that too!  Let's see him maintain that for the coming week.  Nevertheless, my votes are still with Chris, Danny and Matt.  

What about the heading, you'd asked?  I believe it was a Saturday morning when I saw the headlines on TV about the 14 victims who had perished in a NY gun rampade.  And then I read the following article the next day and in my mind, I was thinking, "What's wrong with them?!!!"   I love USA but some folks in the government are so screwed in the way the pass bills regarding weapons.
31 Mar 2009
Texas considers allowing guns on campuses

AUSTIN (Texas) — Mr John Woods was a student at Virginia Tech when the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history took place. Thirty-two people, plus the gunman, died.

There were times he thought that maybe he should get a gun.  “I learnt pretty fast tha wouldn’t solve anything,” said Mr Woods, who is now a graduate student at University of Texas.

Today, he has joined a fight against bills in the Texas Legislature that would allow licensed
concealed gun carriers to take their weapons to school.

A public hearing was held yesterday in the House of Representatives Public Safety Committee on one bill, sponsored by Republican Joe Driver.

Supporters say the bills would protect the rights of licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons and help prevent a massacre on the scale of what happened at Virginia Tech. (wtf! - mine) Critics say that if guns are allowed on campus, students and faculty will live in fear, not knowing who might pull a gun over a drunken dorm argument or a poor grade. AP

The younger Woods has more cattle sense (okay, it's ranching Texas!) than the folks who proposed this stupid bill!

Anyway, the weather as been out of wack of late here. I was stranded home yesterday because it rained al afternoon right after I was done with work on Sun. The picture in the previous entry speaks volumes of my misery.