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Wednesday, January 7 | 11:51 PM

Some ex-students came by on Mon and we had our last supper together before they report for national service this week.  Fret not when you see one of them opening up a bottle of red wine above, they are old enough to drink legally.  I am strictly against underage drinking or drinking just to get high or drunk which many young people and even adults seem to enjoy.  Besides, I don't even have proper drinking glasses (as you can observe above.  Haha!) and thus I hardly consume alcohol myself.  We chatted over cheese cake and chips (not the best combination to go with that bottle of wine I must say) and then watched an episode of Heroes Season 3. They left at nearly 4am.  That was the night before I was to begin my day work. Coupled with my own tutoring obligations and the fact that I cannot nap during day time, I am still reeling from staying up late.  I guess I am past that age to be able to go without sleep without suffering terribly for it the next day.   

On the same matter of drinking and suffering, well, as always in the beginning of the year, I subject the new Sec 1s to the exciting game of Big Gulp when I happen to be relieving their classes.  

No matter how rowdy the class is, this game always keeps them in rapt attention.

In fact, 2 construction workers stopped in their tracks to watch us in action.  No, that lady who walked past in the picture was not one of them.    

One has to take care to pour any amount of water from the bottle into the little container without spilling any drop.
You stay focused even when the photographer (that would be me) calls you to pose for a shot.  

Big Gulp teaches social skills like listening and speaking aloud to a group on top of estimating, scheming and planning to sabotage your friends to spill so that he ends up drinking that whole containter of water.  

This kid (I cannot recall his name) is the younger sibling of one student I had taught many years back.  

He made the first spill and took the forfeit really positively.

During the forfeit, you have to lap up the top portion of the water so as not to spill any drop of the precious water processd by PUB.

Interestingly, the background is a wall mural recording some activities the school has had with PUB to promote the cleaning up of the local rivers - in this case, the Kallang River which runs around the perimeter of the school grounds.  

So, the person meting out the forfeit just drinks...

...and drinks

...until some kind soul volunteer to help him finish up the contents.  This is the part when you look out for those who are willling to step forward to help one in need - another powerful lesson you teach with this simple but exciting game.


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